Video: Roy Hibbert Dunk On LeBron James

By Riley Schmitt

It’s not often that LeBron James of the Miami Heat is on the receiving end of a poster.  It’s even rarer for Roy Hibbert of the Indiana Pacers to be making posters.  Both of those things occurred Monday night as Hibbert dunked on LeBron.

I mean, it should be easy for Hibbert.  He’s gigantic.  Dunking should be second nature, like eating or breathing.  However, it doesn’t happen as often as people think it should, for whatever reason that you can think of.  Either Hibbert physically can’t do it or he loves his hook shoot too much.

That’s what makes this dunk even more interesting.  LeBron rarely has someone go up and over him.  You would think it would be some athletic high flyer, not a giant center.   Especially a giant center like Hibbert who can barely jump at times.  It honestly looks like he’s stapled to the ground on occasion.

This play should be making the highlight rounds tonight.  Everyone enjoys messing with LeBron.  Enjoying him getting dunked on should make most of America happy.  It might also get Skip Bayless to talk about something new on First Take.


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