Video: Detroit Pistons Win It On Guard Rodney Stuckey's Buzzer Beater

By Eric Haftel

Is there anything better then hitting a buzzer beater to win the game? I don’t think so.

If you ask Detroit Pistons guard, Rodney Stuckey tonight I bet he would say no to.

That is because tonight he drove down the court and nails a game winning jump shot against the Washington Wizards.

Stuckey finished with 24 points on 9-20 shooting in the low scoring 79-77 game. Lucky for Stuckey, he get’s to go home a winner at the end of the night.

The W is all that counts.

Check out Stuckey’s clutch game winning shot here.

Best part of the entire video are the commentators. They are just so lackadaisical about the entire situation. They honestly couldn’t care if he misses the shot, makes it or doesn’t even take it. Doesn’t matter to them.

Get some energy guys. I understand that both teams are towards the bottom of the totem poll but enjoy yourself.

They did seem to show a bit more energy earlier on when it came to a John Wall alley-opp. Take a look here.

Yet again they didn’t show energy when it came to one of the craziest plays of the entire night. Check out Brandon Knight leaping over the bench and getting a Gatorade shower here.

All around good game but lazy announcers. Pick up the pace boys.

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