Amare Stoudemire out 2-4 weeks with bulging disc

By Dave Daniels

ESPN has reported that “Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire will undergo non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation for the bulging disk in his lower back and is expected to be out approximately two to four weeks.”

The New York Knicks will also have to manage without Jeremy Lin, who has missed two games on a sore left knee.

“He’s just going through the treatment process and he could be day to day. How long that is I have no idea,” Woodson said.

The Knicks will hurt without Stoudemire on the floor, but Coach Woodson wants him back at 100%: “He’s a big piece of this puzzle,” the coach said. “But I want him to be healthy when he comes back and not (to) come back trying to play hurt. That’s the most important thing.”

If Stoudemire returns in two weeks, he will be back for the last 8-9 games of the regular season, and if the recovery lasts 4 weeks, he will arrive just in time for the playoffs(assuming the Knicks get there).

Injuries have truly plagued the Knicks this month, Carmelo Anthony has a strained groin, but will play through the pain, because of the importance of every game at this point of the year and the Knicks only 2 games ahead of the Bucks for the 8th seed in the Playoffs.

Stoudemire opted for non-surgical rehadb partly because it would take him out of the game 10-12 weeks, instead of 2-4 weeks.

The Knicks Playoff hopes are nothing but a pipedream without Stoudemire, and Knicks fans will wait with bated breath until he is back on the court and producing.

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