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Video: Ian Mahinmi Superfly

If you ever had any doubts about the greatness of Dallas Mavericks big man Ian Mahinmi, this video should erase them.  Mahinmi has gotten a bit more playing time this season, after a decent NBA Finals last season.  This video, courtesy of Yahoo Sports, presents a different side of Mahinmi.  A stylish side, if you will.

This video has had me laughing for the last hour or so.  The line “Superfly Superman” needs to put on Mahinmi t-shirts.  It is that hilarious.  Watching Mahinmi workout in his expensive jewelry or just walk around in his awesome blue robe is humor enough for me.

I still remember Game 6 of last year’s Finals.  Mahinmi had a couple big plays down the stretch, including a nifty turn around jumper.  That shot instantly won me over.  Anytime a backup big nails a clutch shot like that, you have to love him.

Hop on the Mahinmi bandwagon before it is too late.  You don’t want to be left out when he takes over the NBA.  Blue robes for everyone!