Video: JaVale McGee Dunk On Jose Calderon

By Riley Schmitt

Becoming a Denver Nugget was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to JaVale McGee.  The very talented, yet often erratic center has seen an uptick in his production since he was traded a few weeks ago.  Wednesday night, he may have embarrassed Jose Calderon like no has before.

McGee had the ball on a two on one fast break.  Calderon did the smart thing by trying to stop the ball.  McGee just treated him like a hurdle and dunked over him, while Calderon went flying down the baseline.

These are plays that McGee is capable of.  It’s just that he gets in his own way too many times to count.  It looks like the change of scenery is helping him.  If McGee taps into all of his potential, he’s going to be a monster for a long time.

If the Nuggets can get healthy, they will make a playoff run.  They have too much talent not too.  McGee is the lynchpin in the middle of the defense and plays great on the break.  Perfect fit for this run and gun team.

The Nuggets ended up losing 105-96.  McGee had eight points and seven rebounds.

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