Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Shows The Future Is Bright

By Rob Nelson

Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo was his usual playmaking self last night. Rondo would orchestrate the offense masterfully by dishing out fourteen assists in only 36 minutes of work. Rondo would hit guys off the drive like Brandon Bass and Kevin Garnett for easy baskets as the defense collapsed. He would hit guys in the numbers for the catch and shoot like he did with Paul Pierce. He would find the guys in transition like new toy Ry scan Hollins for easy baskets. The result was the Boston offense looked smooth as they scored an easy looking 94 points.

The double digit assist game last night was his 11th in a row with those lofty numbers. The fact is Rondo is excelling even in an offense that is not really suited for him. The fact is Rondo is an attack transition offense like player. He excels running in the open floor. He likes hitting his teammates with great passes for easy transition dunks. He likes finding guys like Ray Allen for open threes in transition. He loves being able to get all the way to the basket in an attacking manor.

The problem is that the Boston Celtics are a veteran team that just does not run. They are a half court team and Rondo still runs this offense to the tune of averaging almost 11 assists a game. Imagine if the team gets some running mates for their young stud? It is a shame Jeff Green got hurt because he would have excelled with a running Rondo. As it is playing with guys like Avery Bradley, new comer Ryan Hollins,and before he got hurt Chris Wilcox that can run in the open floor Rondo gets these guys a lot of easy baskets in transition simply by them running the floor with him.

Next season Boston has a ton of cap space. Danny Ainge would be wise to get him some running mates. If Ainge can surround Rondo with guys that run the floor than the Celtics offense could get scary. My money is on the fact that AInge knows this and sees how effective even Bradley and Rondo are together just because Bradley runs the floor as well and sees that he needs more athletic guys.

The “Big Three” may be leaving, but Rondo is likely staying. Having ROndo means the offense will always be relatively effective with a guy that is great at dishing the rock.The fact is Rondo is in Boston and the future is bright. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!

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