Video: Kevin Durant Dunk On Pau Gasol

By Riley Schmitt

As the old saying goes, you were too late to get the block, but in plenty of time for the poster.  Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant gave Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol that treatment Thursday night.  Gasol didn’t get over in time to challenge but he got his face in the picture.

These are the hidden plays that Durant has.  You almost forget how good of an athlete he is, simply because his jumper is so good.  Who needs to dunk when you can drill threes and make pull up J’s like it’s your job?  Well, in his case I guess it is his job.

OKC is putting on a clinic in Los Angeles.  It looks like they will be the representative of the Western Conference this year.  I’m not sure any team can touch them.  They are too young, too athletic and too dang good.

LA is on the downswing.  Dissension between players and coaches is not a good way to make a playoff run.  They still have time to get things working right though.

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