Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose And Richard Hamilton Might Play Tonight?

By Alejandro Aviles

The Chicago Bulls are set to play the Detroit Pistons tonight at the United Center in Chicago. According to a report by the Chicago Sun-Times Derrick Rose and Richard Hamilton are listed as game time decisions and could possibly play tonight. However, it is a long shot that Rose will play tonight and will likely miss his ninth consecutive game due to a groin injury. Hamilton on the other hand is more likely to play than Rose, after missing the past 13 games with a bruised shoulder. Hamilton always seems to look forward to playing against his former team. If Hamilton plays tonight it would be the second time this season he has come off of injury to face the Pistons.

If I was Tom Thibodeau I might just continue to rest Rose because there is no point in having him play against the 18-32 Pistons; the Bulls should be able to win this game without Rose in the lineup. However, if Hamilton is good to go then I would definitely play him because he has missed so many games this season; he has only played in 16 games so far this season. Hamilton has always been one of those players who are always in shape and well-conditioned but he needs to get back on the court so he can get back into game shape.

The Bulls have been battling injury all season long and have only had their projected starting lineup together for just 5 games this season. Despite the fact that the Bulls starters have only played 5 games together this season the Bulls have been able to accumulate a league-best 41-11 record this season. I am glad the Bulls have been able to win so many games without Rose and Hamilton in the lineup and I cannot wait until they return. I think once the Bulls are healthy they could make a deep run into the playoffs and have a good shot at taking it all this year.

On a side note, I will be attending tonight’s Bulls game against the Pistons and as a die-hard Bulls fan I would love to see Rose and Hamilton both play tonight. If Rose plays tonight it will be the second game this season that he has come off of injury and played while I was in attendance… just saying.

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