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PIC: Derek Fisher Troll Face

Derek Fisher was none too happy with his trade from the Los Angeles Lakers.  He got a measure of revenge as his new team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, took down LA at home.  It was a second half filled with domination by OKC and Kevin Durant making highlights.

This picture was captured late in the game with Fisher sitting on the bench after checking out.  It sums up how he feels perfectly.  He has no love for the organization and this is a photo of a man who feels justified.  LA didn’t think he could help them win a title, but he’s gonna give it his all to help OKC win one.

These are two teams headed in opposite directions. OKC is on the prowl, looking for their first NBA title.  The Lakers are on the downswing, desperate to get one more title before Kobe Bryant breaks down completely.  My money is on the Thunder achieving their goal before LA.  Derek Fisher will play a big part in that and he would love a title to throw back in the face of the Lakers.

Thanks to Jose3030 for the photo.