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VID: Avery Bradley Block On Dwyane Wade

Ever since he moved to the starting lineup, Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley has been making plays.  He introduced Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade to his ability in the second quarter Sunday.

Bradley could have grabbed that shot out of midair.  Miami did get a three pointer out of the play, but Wade had his lunch money stolen.  He might have nightmares about that play.  Wade never gets destroyed like that.

The game, which started with tons of promise, is ending with a whimper.  Boston is dominating the Heat, in a fashion which no one could have thought possible.  I thought Boston was too old and slow this season.  As always, I’m kind of an idiot.  This Boston team is coming on strong down the stretch.

They went from almost missing the playoffs to fighting for a top three seed in the Eastern Conference.  That is quite the turnaround.  I don’t think many pundits say it coming, but it speaks volumes about how dedicated Boston is.  They don’t lay down and they don’t mess around.

If they did roll over, they wouldn’t be holding a 20+ point lead on Miami.  I know Miami hates the regular season, but could you give us some effort?  These games should be awesome, not blowouts.

Thanks to CBS Sports for the video.