VID: Shane Battier Inbounds Pass Off Paul Pierce, Scores Easy Layup

By Riley Schmitt

Paul Pierce was had by Shane Battier on Sunday. Battier was prepping to inbound the ball when Pierce turned his back to him. Battier simply threw the ball off of the back of Pierce and scored the easy layup before anyone knew what happened.

It’s a big matchup between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, so you would think plays like this wouldn’t happen.  Apparently not, as Battier used his veteran savvy to take advantage for an easy two points.  In a game such as this, two points could mean an awful lot.

These two teams have played some incredible games since the beginning of last year.  There’s been highlights galore, but nothing quite like this.  It doesn’t happen off anymore, but it is pretty cool when you see a player pull it off.  It requires perfect timing and a perfectly unsuspecting defensive player.  Pierce is no slouch on defense, but his nap cost him.

Currently, Boston leads by seven early in the second half.  This game will end up going down to the wire and those two points from Battier could be the difference maker.   Who knew schoolyard plays could have a big impact in an actual game?  Time will tell how big the impact actually was.

Thanks to Sportsgrid for the video.

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