Mohammad El Akkari Scores 113 Points In FIBA Asia Game

By Riley Schmitt

Scoring 100 points in a basketball game is nearly impossible for an individual.  Then again, Mohammad El Akkari laughs at your challenges.  The Tripoli star dropped 113 points in a 173-141 win over Bejjeh in a Lebanese Division A League Final 8 game.  It was the first time that anyone scored over 100 points in an official FIBA Asia National Federations game.

Akkari was on fire all night.  He shot 40 for 69 including 32 of 59 from three point land.  Before this game, he was only averaging 7.6 points per game.  To say his shooting performance was unexpected is a bit of an understatement.  How do you gameplan for something like that?   I would never expect a guy averaging single digits in points to go off for 113.

Akkari was in the zone and his teammates kept getting him the ball.  It’s not like he was jacking up shots, either.  40 for 69 is a very respectable shooting percentage.  32 from 59 is an insane percentage from downtown.  Over fifty percent is a great number and it shows he had an amazing game.

This is one of the most impressive displays ever.  I can’t ever recall a game like this as long as I have been alive.  I don’t think we will see anyone score this many points for many years.  113 points is too much and defenses are too advanced.  Well, I guess Bejjeh doesn’t have the greatest defense.  How can you let a guy shoot 69 times?  I would be running a box and one or a triangle and two to deny him the ball the entire game.

Thanks to FIBA Asia for the story.

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