Video: Minnesota Timberwolves Futuristic Rick Adelman Ticket Promo

By Riley Schmitt

This could possibly be the best promo to buy season tickets in the history of sports.  The Minnesota Timberwolves dug into their bag of tricks to deliver a sci-fi promo to increase season tickets for next year.  They even included a futuristic Rick Adelman.

There is not a lot to this ad, but there does not need to by.  It is totally out there, but I found it hilarious.  The Wolves are one of the rising young teams in the league and this should help sell tickets.  If it wasn’t for injuries to every point guard on the roster, they could be in the playoffs next year.

I definitely think there needs to be a study done about this ad.  Did it help increase sales or not?  If it did not, I fear for the future of our country.  This ad is too well done not to cause people to buy tickets.  The only thing better would have been Ricky Rubio in some sort of hoverchair as he wheels around after his surgery.

Now that would certainly get people talking.  Rubio in a hoverchair?  I would probably buy season tickets for the Wolves and I am not even a fan.  Maybe I should I get into the ad creation business.

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