San Antonio Spurs Nightmarish Schedule Could Cost Them Championship

By Paul Troupe

Yes, I am a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, so first let me say this is probably going to be a little biased. Just read the whole thing through, then please speak your mind in the comments below.

Dear Matt Winick [NBA Senior Vice President, in charge of scheduling entire season],

Thank you for making my favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs, play one of the worst April schedules of all time. 16 games. 23 days. Five back-to-back games. One back-to-back-to-back stretch. Two days of rest, then the playoffs. One of the best teams in the league with perhaps the worst schedule to finish the season.


You say the playoffs are “where amazing happens.” Then why not give one of the best teams a shot at doing something nobody thinks they can? Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker are not getting any younger. Sure, the Spurs signed a plethora of young guys, but their core is older than just about every other team in the league.

They may not play the flashy style of basketball like the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles ‘Lob City’ Clippers, or Chicago Bulls, but they play basketball the right way. Fundamentally sound, efficient offensively and as a team defensively. Growing up, is that not how you want your kid to play the game, rather than act like you own the world after making another three pointer?

In case you have not noticed, the Spurs sit in second place, well above where anyone thought they would be. Somehow, they just keep on winning, against all odds. They have beat down those teams mentioned above, and in losses were close to winning. They probably would have with a healthy Ginobili.

Gregg Popovich continues to defy you by resting his star players in big games on national television. Losses do not matter, but playoff victories do and so does that Larry O’Brien trophy. Even with all that rest though, the Spurs bench still will have played quite a bit in this past month. How much energy can they have left come playoffs? If you want the teams to play their best during the playoffs, then this should have never happened.

Alas, the lockout did funny things. Let’s just hope this does not cost the Spurs a chance at a title because they had to play so much leading up to the playoffs.


Spurs Fans Everywhere

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