Video: Blake Griffin Dunk On Pau Gasol Again

By Riley Schmitt

Blake Griffin is turning Pau Gasol into a prop tonight.  The Los Angeles Clippers power forward is just murdering the Los Angeles Lakers forward tonight.  This is the second time that Griffin has gone up and over Gasol.  The first was a putback dunk and this one was just a straight poster.

In case you missed the first dunk, here is this one.  Let us know which one you like better.  (Hint:  It’s not the putback one.)

As I said earlier, Blake is a freak.  If you get in his way, he will dunk on you.  He might not be able to shoot, but he can dunk.  As long as you can do that, you will have highlights.  Highlights by the boatload.  It might not always lead to wins, but SportsCenter will sure love it along with everyone else in the known universe.

This could end Pau.  He might be mentally broken.  How do you recover from getting dunked on twice?  He should call the cops and report Griffin for a crime.  That is about the only thing that he can do.  Blake is violating him.  This isn’t a friendly dunk either.  This is violence concentrated into one angry guy rising above everyone else.

If you think Blake isn’t a star, you are completely wrong.  His game is raw, but his plays are not.  Give the kid some time and he will develop.  Shooting will come as will his defense.  For now, enjoy the dunks and block out everything else.  I know that I do.


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