Video: Blake Griffin Dunk On Pau Gasol

By Riley Schmitt

While the rest of the world was watching the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin was dunking on Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Poor Gasol thought he had that rebound.  He really did.  Griffin just went up and over him.  Pau’s face was priceless.  He just got bodied out of the wall as Griffin yammed on him.  That is how you do a tip dunk.  Lots of power and lots of sad faces from the guy you just went over.

Was that a over the back foul?  More than likely, yes.  Was it an incredible play?  Yes, yes it was.  We have come to expect that from Mr. Griffin.  He may have tons of flaws but dunking is not one of them.  If he could shoot free throws as well as he could dunk, we would have a monster on our hands.  He would be the best power forward in the league for the next 12 years.

This is going to be an incredible night cap to the NBA action.  I expect this one to also go down to the wire.  Neither team has great feelings for each other.  They both share the same building but the Lakers get all the respect.  This is a great chance for the Clippers to take over some LA fans.  If Griffin adds more plays like this, they will never have to worry about fans again. The highlight reels will be too great to keep people away for too long.

Thanks to the Big Lead for the video.


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