Video: Kevin Durant Dunk On Ronny Turiaf

By Riley Schmitt

A Kevin Durant dunk is a thing of beauty.  The Oklahoma City Thunder star rose up and threw down a dunk on new Miami Heat member Ronny Turiaf.  Poor Turiaf had no chance to stop Durant.   Then again, not many people do, except it is normally on the perimeter.

This is a big game for both teams as they battle for homecourt advantage throughout the entire playoffs.  Expect this game to go down to the wire with great plays on both sides.  However, I have been wrong on that account when it comes to Miami.  They have a nasty little habit of sleepwalking through games and not competing at a high level.

Maybe the national television spotlight will get them out of it.  Then again, the Boston Celtics dismantled them on Sunday.  Dismantle is putting it lightly too.  Boston put on a clinic while Miami looked like they wanted to be anywhere else in the world.  If that happens during this game, Oklahoma City will roll to another big victory in a season full of big games.

If they do, Durant is the guy who is going to lead them.  His play has been out of this world and he’s a legit MVP candidate.  If LeBron James keeps struggling, this award will go to Durant.  There is no way that you can not give it to him.  His scoring is always great, but his leadership and defense have increased in recent weeks.

Plus, he can elevate for dunks like this.  Ask Turiaf if he thinks Durant is a MVP candidate.

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