Video: Russell Westbrook Flagrant Foul On LeBron James

The game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat is getting a bit chippy.  LeBron James was on the fast break when Russell Westbrook dragged him down to the ground.  Westbrook was hit with a Flagrant-1 and he’s lucky he did not get ejected.   Luckily, LeBron was okay and is still playing at a high level.

This is NBA Finals caliber basketball.  These teams flat out do not like each other.  It feels like a fight could break out at any moment.  In fact, I would not be shocked if it did.  That is how intense this game is.  It is one of the better games that has happened this year.  Maybe the best game in a couple of years.

It is far from over.  Both teams are throwing massive haymakers at each other.  Westbrook and Kevin Durant are doing their best to keep up with Miami, but LeBron is on a different level right now.  If he slows down, OKC has a great shot.  He just needs to slow down here sometime soon.  His efficiency is off the charts.

I expect this to go down to the very last shot.  Nothing like a good old fashioned buzzer beater to cap this game off.  It would be the perfect way and I think a lot of fans would agree.  If these two teams end up playing a seven game series in June, I won’t complain.


Kevin Durant slams on Ronny Turiaf.

Thanks to Big Lead for the video.

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