Picture: Los Angeles Lakers Center Andrew Bynum Reacts To Los Angeles Clippers Forward Blake Griffin Dunk

By Eric Haftel

Los Angeles Clippers Forward Blake Griffin is an absolute freak of nature.  If you see him running in your direction get out of his way, or he will dunk on you.  Because of that, he is a highlights machine.

Check out this dunk of Pau Gasol and then check out the picture of Los Angeles Lakers Center, Andrew Bynum‘s reaction. Also, check out about 10 fans who have their hands on their head and mouths wide open. That my friends, is a priceless reaction.


Keep in mind that Bynum’s reaction is to his own teammate getting destroyed. Legit, Pau Gasol looks like he is physically beaten because of the abuse being taken tonight. It is honestly sad the way he is being treated. Blake please, don’t kill him. He is just a man and you are an animal. It isn’t fair.

This is actually the second time that Griffin has gone up and destroyed Gasol tonight.  If you didn’t see the first, check out the dunk that occurred earlier.


In all honesty, I feel bad for Pau. How does he return to normal life after being physically and mentally beaten by Blake? As I said, Blake is an animal and Pau is a mere mortal man. You can’t compete!

Also, I have to wonder, how is Pau going to feel knowing that his own teammate is oohing and awing at him being brutally abused by Blake? If I were Pau I would need to have a serious conversation with Bynum. He is my teammate and to react in the way he did, isn’t helping the team or the camaraderie amongst teammates.

I hope when someone posterizes Bynum, Pau is sitting on the side and laughs.

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