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Video: Stan Van Gundy, Dwight Howard have awkward moment with reporters

You might have thought the Dwight Howard drama would end after he agreed to waive his early-termination option and return next year. Wrong. After promising Howard the ability to fire coach Stan Van Gundy earlier in the courting process (ridiculous) it seems that the All-Star center is starting to relish that opportunity.

Van Gundy told reporters that team management has informed him that Howard would like him fired. Van Gundy, being honest as always, simply focused on the task at hand, beating the New York Knicks tonight, and staying away from all the “bullshit”. However, towards the end of the interview, Howard walks in and puts his arm around Van Gundy, clearly unaware of what was just being said. This creates a very awkward situation between the two, shown here. Check the 2:50 mark for Dwight’s entrance:


LeBron James must be loving how this is playing out. Howard is slowly turning himself into the biggest villain in the NBA, and taking the “heat” off James and “The Decision”. When Howard bolts next year, he will become the most reviled player in the league, and he will have nobody to blame but himself. Between the lying, obnoxious statements to the media, and his enormous ego, Howard has done this to himself.

Bryan K. Schmitz from the Orlando Sentinel posted several quotes today via Twitter, and it seems like the players are rallying behind Van Gundy, not Dwight.

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It will be interesting to see how Howard is received by the fans in his return from injury tonight against the Knicks. The circus is in town again for Orlando, but who is the ringleader?