Boston Celtics Doc Rivers Continues Roller Coaster Season

The last three games of this NBA have been a small microcosm of the Boston Celtics season. They have all the pieces to be a serious contender, but at times they just look like anything, but a team with title aspirations. The Chicago Bulls game clearly showed that as they just died in the second half. The San Antonio Spurs game showed they can compete against the elite, but can they beat those teams? However, they can reel you back in with a dominating performance on the road like they did in Indiana.

On Wednesday, the team had a hell of a game against the Spurs that fell just short of victory as Doc Rivers coaching errors and a tough second quarter stretch from the offense sank them. This game was winnable, but Avery Bradley off the bench instead of Ray Allen was a mistake and the last play of the contest was absurd if anyone including the head coach thought Paul Pierce had time with about eight seconds left to not only get a switch to one of the premier defenders in the paint in Tim Duncan on him and blow by him for a lay up.

The team had won seven of eight before that and still looked like momentum was on their side as they held a fifteen point second half lead against the Derrick Rose-less Bulls the next night. The effort was weak in the second half and the Bulls would escape with a win with a second half surge. The effort was awful and Doc let the players know it. He felt the Bulls were tougher than his team. Right now he is right as the Celtics have not figured out the Bulls yet this year. Chicago responds to the Celtics punches, but the Celtics seem to wilt after the Bulls hit them back. .

The next game against the Pacers in Indiana the Celtics would respond. Paul Pierce would score 24 points and Rajon Rondo would pick the Pacers apart for another 12 assists as the older Celtics slapped the Pacers for a needed win. The great news is Ray Allen also found his shot off the bench for another 19 points to show that he can be very effective off the bench.

One game the team has effort, but shoots themselves in the foot. Another game saw them roll over and except defeat. The last game saw the team respond and beat the day lights out of a team that had given them problems. This season has been a roller coaster for Boston. i only hope the highest of highs is scheduled for the playoffs rather than the big fall. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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