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Boston Celtics Mickael Pietrus Passes Concussion Test

The Boston Celtics gave the fans some good news before the game. It appears that Mickael Pietrus has passed the first test to come back from his serious concussion that he suffered. After passing this test it will be at least a week barring setbacks before he returns. However, after seeing the gruesome way he fell to get this injury, I am surprised that he will even play this year let alone before the playoffs.

The Celtics will need Pietrus. A team can never have enough shooters off the bench as Dallas showed us last season. Pietrus would be another up grade for Boston’s bench. As well as Sasha Pavlovic has played, Pietrus is a better shooter and defender. Having both Ray Allen and Mickael Pietrus all of a sudden makes Boston’s scoring issues vanish when the subs are in.

The good news is Pietrus has already made it past the first step. If he can continue to make the progress he has made then he will be back in a week. This means the Celtics are getting another shooter for the playoff drive. Stay tuned for more updates on Pietrus as they come out. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!