Boston Celtics Ray Allen Is The Answer To Bench Issues

By Rob Nelson

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers has had some issues the past few with getting offense out of his bench. The team always seemed to lack that sixth man that could score off the bench and take the pressure off the starters the past few seasons. So many times the lack of bench scoring has killed the teams big leads and prevented them from dealing a knock out punch.

Doc has also had issues finding a way to keep Ray Allen truly playing to his potential due to the lack of shots because of sharing the floor with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Pierce needs his shots as the best scorer on the team. KG is a much more effective player when he receives looks on offense and is hungry for his offense. This left only scraps for Ray. A shooter needs shots to truly be effective and there are only so many shots. I credit Ray for not complaining or forcing the issue for more looks, but anyone watching knew Ray could give the team more if needed and given the opportunity. Doc may have finally solved both problems by bringing the sharp shooting Ray Allen off the bench.

The last two games the Celtics have truly maximized Ray Allen. Ray no longer has to be the third scoring option. Ray is now the guy that can shoot at will because he is the guy that is being counted on to score and shoulder the load. The results are clearly evident in the stats. Ray poured in nineteen points off the bench to help bury the Pacers on Saturday. Ray got to shoot almost twenty times because he did not have to share the ball as much and that meant more opportunities for the sniper. On Sunday against the Philadelphia 76ers Ray did not score as much, but he had ten key points off the bench early on to help blow out the 76ers early on. After the team took control Ray sat playing only 26 minutes.

The Celtics now finally have a scorer off the bench. The bench should no longer bring single digit scoring to the table. This means Doc Rivers is one move solved two problems. The adjustments like this have made Boston a serious contender now. Plan on Boston making some noise come playoff time with Ray playing key minutes off the bench to give Boston the boost that it needs. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!

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