Video: Blake Griffin Hits One Of The Most Ridiculous Shots Of The Season

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin is usually known for the ridiculous dunks he puts on, but not the shots he makes. He has also been called out by other players for being an actor. It may or may not be true, but that does not been Griffin is extremely talented.

Take last night, for example. Sure, Griffin put down another huge dunk, but he also hit one of the most ridiculous shots of the season. The Clippers started a fast break and Griffin got way out in front. Sacramento Kings forward Donte Green wanted no part of the Griffin Dunk Show, and instead fouled him hard.

Griffin lunged forward, threw up a ridiculous shot, and it went in! Take a look in the video below.

Too bad the shot was waved off because of the flagrant foul, and a clear traveling violation. That, however, does not discount it from being one of the most ridiculous made shots this season. Griffin is just racking up the dunks of the year, and now he may also have the shot of the year.

The Clippers went on to win the game 109-94 and currently sit in fourth place in the Western Conference, just one half game behind their co-tenants at the Staples Center, the Los Angeles Lakers. Both teams are probably too far behind to make up enough games to move into the second seed, currently occupied by the Oklahoma City Thunder, who have a six game lead on the Lakers, and six and a half on the Clippers.

Looking ahead, that would be quite an interesting playoff series if it were to happen. Lakers vs Clippers, at the Staples Center, with neither team really being the home team or the away team. It probably would give us a few more reactions from Andrew Bynum, like this one.

Thanks to NBAHighligtstoday for posting the video.

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