Report: Dallas Mavericks And Lamar Odom To Part Ways Immediately

By Riley Schmitt

The Lamar Odom experiment is now over, according to the Dallas Mavericks.  Marc Stein is reporting that both parties have agreed to part ways, effective immediately.  Odom was acquired from the Los Angeles Lakers and was supposed to give Dallas a boost in defending their championship.

However, Dallas has learned that Lamar Odom is pretty much useless if he’s not playing near a beach.  The Mavericks will not release Odom and plan on keeping him around for trade bait.  It’s a smart move, considering they only gave up a trade exception to acquire him.  When his head is on straight, Odom can be a big help due to the mismatches his size causes.

I think the celebrity life has gotten to him.  Being married to a Kardashian is never easy and I think that has taken a toll on Odom’s game.  Constantly surrounded by cameras and having to deal with all that drama makes basketball look like a joke.  However, basketball is his main job and he should be ready for that at all times.  This was a bad way to make an impression in Dallas.

Dallas has tried to bring Odom along slowly this year, but it just has not worked.  His head is not into it.  He’s had some family issues, but come on dude.  I do think you should be ready by now to play.  Honor your family and friends by playing, not by being a drain on the the team that took a flier on you.  At least this will allow Odom a basketball free month as he prepares for next year.


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