VIDEO: Mohammad El Akkari Scores 113 Points In FIBA Asia Game

By Riley Schmitt

Early last week, I brought you the story of Mohammad El Akkari, the Lebanese player who dropped 113 points in one single game.  Thanks to Buzzfeed, we now have the Youtube video of Akkari going ham against the other team’s defense.

He is just getting wide open.  No wonder why he was able to launch so many shots.  You would think the defense would eventually key on him, but nope.  Akkari kept getting the green light and kept putting the ball in the basket.  It really is a simple game.  Put the ball in the basket and Akkari did it better than most people could even dream about.

This game pretty much game out of nowhere.  Akkari isn’t known as a big scorer.  In fact, his average before this game was below ten points per game.  I have the feeling that it is a lot higher than that now.  Not even great ones like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Wilt Chamberlain could score this many points.  Of course, they were playing in the NBA and not FIBA Asia, but still.  113 points is still 113 points.

Could this garner Akkari a token NBA look?  I doubt it, but it would be a good way to sell tickets.  Bring in the guy that broke Wilt’s record and did it almost effortlessly.  You would not win a lot of games but you could sell tickets.  In today’s NBA, tickets are the most important part.  If you aren’t getting fans to the games, you won’t be successful.

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