VIDEO: O.J. Mayo Pulls A JaVale McGee, Runs To Wrong Basket

By Riley Schmitt

Step aside, JaVale McGee.  O.J. Mayo wants access to your club of stupid basketball plays.  The Memphis Grizzlies guard caused a laugh Sunday night when he took off to the wrong basket after a jump ball.  He even had his hand up calling for the ball.  I guess that is USC education for you.

Everyone had a good laugh about this, even O.J. Mayo.  However, I have no idea how this keeps happening.  You would think NBA players would be able to pay attention to the game long enough to know what basket is theirs.  It is like the one thing that you have to remember.

At least McGee gets off the hook, sort of.  He still commits stupid plays, but at least he is not the only guy to run to the wrong basket.  That is a lot more inexcusable than goaltending a shot into the the stands or anything like that.  Maybe McGee and Mayo could form a support group for players who make mistakes such as this.  There has to be a decent number of them all across the country.

The laughs that I get from this play will last for a while.  I know that everyone watching had to enjoy it.  Heck, Mayo’s teammates thought it was funny.  You can’t top some guy streaking the wrong way to get an open layup.  At least no one passed it to him.  That would be a dumber mistake than the one that Mayo made.  He was just running wrong, passing would be the ultimate turnover.

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