Pic: Basketball Never Stops

By Ryan Gaydos

The FIBA Twitter account posted something incredibly interesting Tuesday.

The country of Norway has been experiencing epic snowfall and this guy in the picture dug out from what it seems like over 10 feet of snow to practice his baseline jump shot. The kid is also in shorts and a tee shirt which I find incredibly stupid but it is good for the three seconds or so that it takes a picture.

The picture also shows how dedicated people are playing the game of basketball no matter where and no matter what the weather is like. It is amazing to see how the game has globalized as well.

Could you imagine Kevin Durant, LeBron James or even Kobe Bryant being that dedicated to practicing in these circumstances? I really cannot imagine that at all. Whoever this kid is either wants to be a professional basketball player one day or just wanted to get famous as the subject of the picture.

In any event, the picture was cool and I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I do.

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