VIDEO: Jalen Rose Calls Out Skip Bayless Over HS Basketball Career

By Riley Schmitt

Who would have guessed that Skip Bayless would be lying about his esteemed high school basketball career?  After careful research, it was determined that Bayless only scored 1.4 points per game and was not the star he said he was.  If you don’t want to watch what Jalen Rose said about him, here is the transcript.

Did you average 1.4 points points as a senior?” Rose questioned.

“Yeah, yeah, I did,” a dejected Bayless admitted. “We’ll address that later.”

Rose continued by asking: “So all of that Pistol Pete stuff? Yeah, (more like) Water Pistol Pete Jr. Did you play JV as a junior?”

To which Bayless again admitted: “Yeah, I did.”

Bayless’s high school career came to light after he was once again going after Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook on Twitter.  Bayless compared himself to Westbrook and said that he was a point guard who shot a lot too and was eventually benched.

Too bad Bayless was benched for being bad at basketball and not shooting too much.  I find it hard to believe that he was shooting too much if he was averaging that robust 1.4 points per game.  If he was shooting too much, his percentage must have been just awful.

I’m not a huge fan of Jalen Rose, but I’m glad he went after Bayless.  Someone needs to go after him and keep him in line.  Otherwise, he’s allowed to spew his stuff without any consequences.  I salute you Mr. Rose.

Thanks to 670 the Score for the video.

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