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Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Does What LeBron Cannot Do

Last night was another typical performance for one LeBron James exerted his will on Boston to the tune of 36 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block. The problem for Mr. James is that when it mattered most and his team needed him to put his hand prints all over the outcome of the game, he vanished. Instead of dominating the game in the fourth, he watched helplessly as Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett dominated the game when it mattered most as Boston would hold off a surging Miami team on the road to win another big game against a likely playoff foe.

The scene in the fourth was not looking good for Boston. After leading by as many as twenty one early on, the Celtics lead had dwindled to one point in the fourth quarter. Miami was charging hard and it was anyone’s game. This is where true greatness shows over a guy that just puts up incredible stats. LeBron would be timid and look to pass the ball, rather than shoot. KG was the opposite looking for his offense to win the game and that is exactly what he did.

KG would hit four straight baskets and help extend Boston’s lead back to eleven. The best part was these were not all wide open easy jump shots. KG would abuse Chris Bosh during this stretch. KG would take him off the dribble with the shot clock winding down and bury a tough jump shot. The next was a sweet 19 foot jump shot that Bosh could only wave his hands at as he flew by him. The shot after was another long range bomb that Rondo perfectly set up. However, his best was a tear drop turn around that caught nothing, but the center of the net as the Heat were done after that.

There will be LeBum fans that have the nerve to say that he showed up, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh should have given more. Maybe they are right, but KG shares the floor with a closer in Paul Pierce, a point guard that was dominating the game in Rajon Rondo, and a lights out shooter in Ray Allen. KG could easily have just looked for his defense to be his calling card and let these other guys win or lose the game like LeBron does. However, KG wanted to win and he knew that he could win this game. He knew the perimeter defense was starting to give his teammates trouble and that no one on Miami could guard him much like no one can guard LeBron James on Boston’s roster. KG took advantage unlike LeBron and got the win.

KG did not score 36 points like LeBron. KG only had 24 points and 9 rebounds. However, LeBron only had two baskets in the fourth with the game in the balance. KG would score 12 fourth quarter points to take Miami’s heart out. This is what a true great player does by dominating the important part of a game not fill up a stat sheet during the time he his put on the floor. There is a difference between the two. The lack of LeBum having a killer instinct is why come June one can plan on Miami failing again with another epic LeBron collapse, but hey at least he will fill that stat sheet up and make a few highlight reels. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!