Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Is On Fire And Likes His Team's Chances

By Rob Nelson

“It took a while,” Rondo said, “but we’re peaking at the right time.”
Rajon Rondo Courtesy Of ESPN Boston

The Boston Celtics are on absolute roll right now. The team that was considered too old in the first half of the season to the point that people were ready to blow up at the NBA trade deadline is all of a sudden a phoenix that has risen from the ashes. The Celtics have won 18 times (the most in the NBA) since the all star break and have risen from fighting for the eight playoff spot to now only two games out of the three seed behind Miami and Chicago.

A big reason for that is the play of one Rajon Rondo. The human assist machine is on a streak that has last done by John Stockton 20 years ago with double digits assists in eighteen straight games. Rondo cannot catch Magic Johnson for the record this season, but if he keeps this kind of play up, he will end up breaking that mark next year for most consecutive games with double digit assists. This streak has catapulted Rondo ahead of Steve Nash for the league lead in that category.

However, Rondo does not care about these stats. These stats are just something that must be acquired for him to win games. Rondo is all about winning and the recent roll has Rondo quite happy. His recent comments after Heat game shows he likes his team and their chances come playoff time. Since Rondo is running the offensive show and he likes his chances, I am thinking Boston should make some serious noise come playoff time. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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