Videos: Dallas Maverick Guard Vince Carter Airballs A Layup, Takes It Out On Sacramento Kings Center Hassan Whiteside

Dallas Mavericks guard, Vince Carter, has a history of throwing it down. He has aged and doesn’t slam it home nearly as much as he did in his heyday.

In his earlier years, he was the human highlight real. He created slam dunks that had never been imagined before. With Carter, there may not be dunkers like LeBron James or Blake Griffin. Carter was revolutionary in the evolution of the dunk.

Take a look at some of his greatest dunks here:

Well, Vince is looking good this season. He is shooting 60.7 percent near the rim and hitting 40.7 percent from the field during the season for the Mavericks.

However, he shot a bit below that on Tuesday night, hitting three of his nine attempts in the Mavs’ 110-100 win over the Sacramento Kings. Two of the attempts left us speechless.

The first attempt was a complete air-ball layup, which is quite difficult to do:

His second shot was well, Vinsanity!

Wow, just wow. He honestly went to the two opposite ends of the totem poll. He shot an air ball within a few inches of the hoop and then he threw it down on Kings Center, Hassan Whiteside.

Something tells me that Carter was thinking about his air-ball when he was throwing it down.

The other thing that just shocks me is Carter is 35 and is still throwing it down like he is 25. How is he doing this? Did you see that?

He got some serious hang time and just blew by the 7ft  Whiteside.

Carter is a first ballot Hall of Famer in my mind and is only showing just how valuable he is at this point in his career.