VIDEO: Andrew Bynum Swears During Live Interview

Not many people can grab 30 rebounds in a game, but Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum can add his name to the list.  He can also add his name to the list of people who have swore during live interviews.  After the Lakers took out the San Antonio Spurs, Bynum was asked about his 30 rebound game.  His quote is as follows:

I shot the ball like s***

Well, at least the quote was right to the point.  He did not pull any punches.  He summed up his feelings in one quote.  He then got the beep for the rest of the interview, which kind of made it difficult to understand.  I hope people can look back and laugh at this.  Bynum will get a fine, but what do you expect when you interview someone right after a game?  Their filter isn’t going to be working right.

Bynum has angered some people with constant diva behavior.  However, you can not deny that he is the second best center in the NBA.  He may even be the best, depending on the mood of Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard.  Either way, Bynum is a beast in the post and a force to be reckoned with.

If the Lakers are to make a playoff run, it will be on the back of Bynum.  Kobe Bryant gets all the attention, but if Bynum isn’t playing well, LA is going home.  Bynum needs to carry the load and let Kobe take over at the end of games.

Thanks to I am a GM for the video.

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