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Video: Los Angeles Clippers Forward Blake Griffin Misfires On A Dunk

How can this be you may ask?

Los Angeles Clippers star forward, Blake Griffin, blows a dunk?

He is an absolute freak of nature.  If you see him running in your direction get out of his way, or he will dunk on you.  Because of that, he is a highlights machine.

However, he did miss a dunk and there is video evidence here:

I was shocked too.

Think back a few weeks back.

Remember when he did this,

Or how about this,

Yea, that guy missed a dunk. It is pretty hard to believe but we must come to copes with it.

By the way, is it me or is the manhandling of Los Angeles Lakers Forward, Pau Gasol, still hard to watch. I doubt it!

It had to happen eventually I guess.