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NBA Atlanta Hawks

Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Carries Team To 5 On 8 Win

The Boston Celtics had the odds stacked against them against Atlanta last night. The issue was not so much Joe Johnson or Josh Smith, but rather the factors like fatigue from the Miami game the night before and more importantly David Stern’s hit men. The game was eight on five most of the game and the Celtics were int trouble. However, the team got some great games from Kevin Garnett, Brandon Bass, and Rajon Rondo and that led to a big win over Atlanta despite obvious help the refs gave the Hawks.

The game was absurdly officiated from the beginning. The Celtics failed to get many calls and Atlanta would feast early and even take double digit leads during the game. The refs failed to call the Hawks for any transgressions in the paint while Boston was peppered with calls for the same issues. The worst was the overtime where Boston was whistled for four straight absurd offensive fouls in a one basket game during over time. The calls were tick tacky at best and none should have been called given the gravity of the situation. The worst was the Paul Pierce offensive foul call that Joe Johnson had hit Avery Bradley with all ight. The good news was Atlanta could not take what was handed to them.

The Celtics got big games from Kevin Garnett (22 points and 12 rebounds), Brandon Bass (21 points and 10 rebounds). Mickael Pietrus also would also return and play 29 solid minutes with great defense and 11 points. However, the biggest star for Boston was one Rajon Rondo.

Rajon Rondo would light up the Hawks for another triple double. He would score 10 points, record 20 assists, and grab 10 rebounds. Rondo seemed like once again he made the right pass all night as Boston would scrap and claw their way back from early deficits to take this game.

The Celtics needed a boost playing against the team that was ahead of them for home court come round one of the NBA playoffs. Rajon Rondo provided that boost with stellar playmaking to extend his double digit assist streak to 19 games. The fact is Boston is on a huge roll and has sent a message to the rest of the NBA. Rondo is on fire and the offense is clicking.This means Boston is in great shape come playoff time. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!