Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett And Avery Bradley Should Get First Team All Defensive Honors

By Rob Nelson

The NBA season is almost over and the awards will begin to be voted on. Two guys on the Boston Celtics that deserve some recognition for their work this season are Kevin Garnett and Avery Bradley. Both of these men deserve to be on the NBA All Defensive First Team. There work on the defensive end has not only sparked Boston’s recent winning streak, but has brought serious title hopes back tot he team.

The Boston Celtics under head coach Doc Rivers have always been a great defensive team. The main reason is always the play of one Kevin Garnett. KG once again is the best defensive player in the NBA. No one other than maybe wight Howard impacts the defensive end like he does. Dwight Howard may be a game changing shot blocker, but KG just does so much more on that end of the floor. He is not only a great one on one shut down defender, but he is also the best help defender in the NBA. Nobody rotates in the paint better to cut off the path to the basket better than KG. The pick and roll defense is also amazing due to his speed and ability to cut down the angle to the hoop. He has active hands in the paint and can not only wreck havoc deflecting passes, but he can block shots as well. His positioning is also amazing as he just beats his man to the spot time and time again. This allows him to be the only guy on the Celtics that is a consistent rebounder on the defensive glass.

Bradley has also been amazing thus far. No one can pressure the ball in the NBA quite like Bradley does. Bradley appears to be part pit bull due to his tenacious style. I have never seen a guy force so many eight second violations due to shear intense pressure on the ball. Bradley has great instincts and athleticism that he uses to really stay with even the quickest NBA players. Guys like Dwayne Wade and John Wall are made to work overtime to get their offense with Bradley guarding them because unlike the rest of the league he can stay with them.

The biggest key to Bradley’s defensive game is his mind is matching his skills. Last season he was very raw and would be over aggressive at times and fall for up fakes and get silly foul calls. Now Bradley knows when to go for the pressure and when not to bite and avoid contact. The result is he is just an absolute pest of a defender that does not get fouls called his way. This means more time on the floor to make an impact.

There are a lot of guys that play defense in the NBA. The Boston Celtics are right now one of the top three defensive teams in the NBA. A lot of that is due to the play of Kevin Garnett and Avery bradley. I just hope the voters realize this when it comes time for the All Defensive team honors. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!

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