VIDEO: Jeff Van Gundy Rants About Flopping During Heat-Knicks Game

Jeff Van Gundy is extremely opinionated.  During the New York Knicks and Miami Heat game on Sunday, Van Gundy let the world know he feels about flopping.  James Jones flopped after some contact from Iman Shumpert, which negated a three from Steve Novak.

Van Gundy’s rant was priceless.  He truly hates flopping.  I agree with him that it is an epidemic, but it is almost impossible to control.  It would put more pressure on the refs, who are not exactly great at their current jobs.  Flopping is extremely subjective and would possibly cause longer delays in games.  It sucks, but I think it is something that we have to deal with.

It does take away from the product, but it is not that awful.  It does suck watching players flop, but if it is legal, there is no reason to stop doing it.  The name of the game is to win.  I would do anything to win if I was in that situation.  Flopping may suck, but sometimes it is the only way to get things done.

Van Gundy will certainly have these remarks blown up.  He is desperate to try to get the league to get rid of flopping and this rant is certainly the best one yet.  I expect that he might hear from the league office about these rants.  Not great when you have an announcer calling out your league over something that is nearly impossible to control.  Then again, maybe they start to get rid of flopping and we all win.

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