Will the 76ers make the playoffs?

By Dustin Phipps

Rewind a few months ago where the 76ers were at the top of the Atlantic Division and we were talking which seed we would prefer that they get. Now we are second in the Atlantic Division and facing the idea that, with a few games left, we may not even make the playoffs. The 76ers currently hold the 8th seed in the East, only 2.5 games above the Bucks. What has happened to this team?

I think its time to be honest here, this was a team who was very hot early and has cooled down since. They went from a team who was beating very good teams, to a team who is now losing to the likes of the Toronto Raptors and the New Jersey Nets. Its a sad time for 76ers fans when we face the possibility of either not making the playoffs, or getting knocked out by the Chicago Bulls in the first round.

In my opinion this team will make the playoffs, but it will be a last push effort which will resort in a game 6 exit by the Chicago Bulls. This is a team that has become extremely hard to watch. Evan Turner has been moved back to a reserve role, raising questions about the future of this team. Spencer Hawes was also benched earlier this week for Nikolai Vucevic. This almost certainly means that Spencer Hawes will not be resigned. The future of this team is questionable at best, and the blow up could be made imminent if this team fails to make the playoffs. Bottom line is the game Monday against the Magic is important, just like every game from here on out.

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