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Boston Celtics Doc Rivers Is Getting Parts To Fall Into Place

The Boston Celtics since 2009 have had issues finding the right rotation heading into the playoffs. Rajon Rondo and the “Big Three” are great, but they need help. Every year it seems like head coach Doc Rivers is trying to piece together the puzzle with inferior parts. However, this year Rivers has all the pieces falling into place. These pieces are a big reason for Boston’s second half turn around.

The role players have been fantastic and fit in tot heir role like they were made for it. Brandon Bass is playing amazing with the starting unit. He knows how to get open for his jump shot and he attacks the hoop. He is a very nice safety valve option for Rondo. The great news is he knows when to step up his game like in Charlotte last night. Bass would bury 22 points with no “Big Three” in the lineup.

The team is also getting a spark from Avery Bradley. Bradley’s offense is now caught up to his defense and the result is Boston has a player that can make a serious impact. Bradley has always been a tenacious energy defender, but now he hits his jump shots and has added three point range recently. The jump shot keeps defenses honest and allows him to use his quickness to blow by his man on cuts for easy baskets from Rondo.

Bradley’s great play allows Boston to now use Ray Allen off the bench. This gives Boston a shooter off the bench to score and stretch the floor. Ray also has more shots for himself without both of his “Big Three” teammates on the floor with him. This solves the problem of offense off the bench.

Speaking of shooters, the Celtics have Mickael Pietrus as well. The lengthy Pietrus can knock down shots and is a pesky defender that can spell Paul Pierce. They also have Sasha Pavlovic. Pavlovic is a sold shooter this year as well and can defend. Keyon Dooling can also give some minutes at the two and he is a solid shooter to plug in should he even get minutes in the rotation.This gives Boston the wing help that always seem to be looking for.

The team has it’s center in KG, but the backup has been very solid. Rookie Greg Stiemsma has been a blessing this year. The man is a human block machine as evidence by his six blocks last night against the Bobcats. He also has a nice jump shot and plays smarter than a rookie center should. This gives Boston the backup they need come playoff time.

Normally Doc Rivers has issues going into the playoffs. This year it looks like he has smooth sailing with a lot of guys that can contribute. One can count on a deep playoff drive because of this. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!