Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Carries Load Without "Big Three"

By Rob Nelson

The Boston Celtics were playing the worst team in the NBA on the third leg of three games in three nights in the Charlotte BobCats. However, the road to victory was not supposed to be as smooth with the team resting Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and also having Ray Allen still out injured. The Boston Celtics have also not exactly brought their A game against inferior opponents as evidence by the loss to Toronto on Friday. The fact is this game was not much a game with Boston taking control behind the stellar play of one Rajon Rondo.

Rondo was flat out dominant to the point that I was questioning if it was a national TV game. Rondo would penetrate the BobCats defense and either score at the basket or find an open man for an easy open shot. In the half court he would his teammates with beautiful on point passes after they made a cut or around a screen to be freed up. If Charlotte left a man open, Rondo found him. Rondo’s great passes led to solid performances for guys like Brandon Bass (22 points) and Avery Bradley (22 points). Rondo would finish with 16 assists for his efforts.

The great news is Rondo was looking to score as well. If he made it all the way to the basket, there was no ridiculous pass instead of settling for the easy basket. He would get into the paint and if he was the best option, he was taking the shot. The result was a 20 point night. Not having the worry of keeping the “Big Three” happy with touches might have been why Rondo was looking to shoot more. However, those that do not think Rondo can score enough need to realize that the reason he does not shoot is because he has a lot of weapons to keep happy. If he was on a weaker team, he would be scoring more like last night.

The good news is Boston got a win. The fact that they did it without the “Big Three”. This may be their last stand, but Rondo is going to be around and this means the winning should continue. This is great news for Boston. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!

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