Someone Needs To Protect Derrick Rose on the Chicago Bulls

By gilgerard

Derrick Rose is starting to become frustrated with the hard fouls he’s receiving near the basket. He had his nose bloodied yesterday against the Detroit Pistons, and it’s time someone on the Chicago Bulls step up and protect their superstar. Yes, I’m looking at you Joakim Noah, Omer Asik, Taj Gibson, or Carlos Boozer. One of those guys needs to lay a serious cheap shot upon someone coming to the lane in protection of Derrick Rose. If Derrick Rose gets hammered, I expect one of these big guys to run over and get in someone’s face, because let’s face it- Derrick Rose has to be on the floor, and if his frustration boils over, and he draws a suspension- that will hurt the team more than if Omer Asik drew a 3 game suspension for standing up for Rose.

This is what Rose had to say after the game last night:

“I was mad,” Rose said. “I’m sick and tired of people trying to take cheap shots at me. You got to say something.”

This time, he took matters into his own hands. He felt it was time to stand up for himself against Villanueva.

“You got to,” Rose said. “He didn’t even aim for the ball. At least go for the ball. I felt like he didn’t and that’s the reason why I got mad a little bit.”


Rose isn’t sure why he feels like some players go after him.

“I really don’t know,” he said. “Probably because I don’t say anything or whatever, but I’m a man, where in situations like that you have to say something.”

It’s clear frustration is mounting, and Rose is only 15th in total free throws shot, and does take his fair share of licks because of his drives to the basket, but either way- when Rose gets knocked down, it’s up to the “bigs” to have his back. Rose shouldn’t have to fight all his own battles. That’s why the Bulls had guys like Charles Oakley back in the 80’s. His main job was to protect Michael Jordan. Someone needs to step in and do the same thing, or Rose is going to continue taking cheap shots.


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