Justin Bieber Joins Lakers Broadcast, Drops “Boom Goes The Dynamite”

I have a feeling my version of hell will involved Justin Bieber in a prominent role.  Tuesday night, that came true for a lot of Los Angeles Lakers fans.  Bieber joined the radio broadcast on 710 ESPN and helped call some of the action against the San Antonio Spurs and dropped “Boom Goes the Dynamite” several times.

Why Bieber was calling basketball, I will never know.  Is it not bad enough that he gets involved with the All-Star game?  NBA fans are not Bieber fans.  Those demographics rarely interact.  I imagine that LA thought they could get some cheap listens, but why even bother with him?  He’s a musician, not a basketball guy.  Plus, do people care what Bieber thinks about basketball?

The Bieber cult will love this and say the guy is so talented.  He stole a line from one of the most embarrassing moments in sports journalism.  If people think that is cool, they are sadly mistaken.  That is not cool, it is bad.  Bieber should not be broadcasting anything.  His voice should stay in music and fan away from the sporting world.

Bieber should not be associated with the NBA.  I do not like it and I bet a lot of NBA fans are not happy.  Who wants to listen to Bieber’s opinion on anything?  No wonder why no one listens to pop music radio stations these days.  We listen to sports to get away from Bieber and his cult.  We don’t need him invading our one sanctuary.

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