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VIDEO: Chance Lavitch Wins Car With Shot On 21st Birthday At Clippers Game


Chance Lavitch just had the best 21st birthday that anyone could ever imagine.  The Los Angeles Clippers fan was chosen for their halftime shot when they played the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Lavitch stepped up under pressure and calmly drained the halfcourter, setting off pandemonium. 

Lavitch gets a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is not a bad ride to have while you are still in college.  Trust me, I drive a car that is bordering on ten years old.  I would probably do a lot of things to get me a new vehicle.  Lavitch stood up and did what a lot of people have tried, but not a lot have succeeded at.

Half court shots are no joke.  All that pressure was no problem to him.  He stepped up and just drained it.  A lot of things can wrong, but none of them did.  Lavitch is probably now pretty famous in the Staples Center and there is nothing wrong with that.  He deserves all the props that he gets.  He has a brand new vehicle, so I would be showing that off to everyone.

I am actually kind of shocked the Clippers would do this.  I mean, Donald Sterling is a terrible owner.  Who knew he would spring to give away a car at halftime?  In fact, he probably is crying over the fact he has to give away a vehicle.  There is a reason he is the worst owner in sports and it is not because he is a generous man.  Better claim that vehicle while you can, Chance.