VIDEO: Delonte West Gives Gordon Hayward "Wet Willie", Gets Technical

By Riley Schmitt

Delonte West is quite the character.  Monday night, he may have gotten the best technical foul in the history of basketball.  The Dallas Mavericks were taking on the Utah Jazz and were in the second quarter.  West was involved in an incident with Gordon Hayward when West went for the old wet willie trick.  The play resulted in a technical foul.

I am not sure why West did this, but it is extremely funny.  It’s super childish, but that doesn’t shock me about Delonte.  He just does weird stuff like that.  He does have his moments where he has outbursts like this.  Everyone just accepts by now.  Poor Hayward probably was not amused.   Do you know how disgusting it is to have some stick their wet finger in your ear?

No wonder why the refs had to review it.  How often do you see things like that happening?  I have never seen that happen in any sport, at any level.  I’ve seen some cheap shots, but never the classic finger in the ear.  That is just too comical.  It is also too disgusting.

No word on if their will be punishment from the league about this incident.  In fact, I bet they have no idea how to react to this either.  Just Delonte being Delonte.  It comes with some weird stuff, but it is also a great thing to watch.  Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy it.  Fighting it will never help in the long run.



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