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Boston Celtics Doc Rivers Should Not Worry About Knicks

Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers had a tough road game against a New York Knicks team that is playing very well. The Knicks would win this game behind Carmelo Anthony’s triple double and some hot shooting from beyond the arc. The question is should the Celtics be worried about the Knicks come playoff time? The answer despite this latest loss is a resounding no. The fact is the Knicks will not be a factor come playoff time.

Now I know Knick fans are going to point out their eight point win last night and the fact they had a twenty point lead at some points of the game. Their shooting was lights out from beyond the arc as they blistered Boston. My answer to that is very simple. This game was a fluke. If the game was played a hundred times, New York might get a game like that two times out of the hundred. There is just no way the Knicks are going to shoot 19-32 from beyond the arc again. If they could shoot like that every night, they would not be fighting for their playoff lives right now. JR Smith is a nice shooter, but he is only shooting 30 percent from three point range for a reason. Him shooting 7-10 again is not very likely. Steve Novak is solid, but he is not 8-10 from beyond the arc good.

The fact is they needed to be that hot or Boston would have made the comeback. The Knicks defense is still awful. Paul Pierce ate them alive for 43 points for a reason. The Celtics 54 percent from the floor and scored 110 points. This was with no Ray Allen for offense off the bench. The offense was good enough for a win most nights, but tip your hats to the Knicks shooters for having the right game to be on fire.

The simple fact is Boston is also the best three point shooting defense in the NBA statistically. They had a bad night due to poor communication. Guys like Sasha Pavlovic, Avery Bradley, Keyon Dooling, and the seldom used for a reason Marquis Daniels just were not rotating well to the shooters. Even Brandon Bass, Kevin Garnett, and Paul pierce got crossed up covering Anthony a few times and that led to the defense giving up easy wide open shots. Melo can get assists, but he is not really a passer. This makes his double digit assist totals a clear indication of the defense having issues last night.

I just do not see Boston turning in another defensive effort like that. The Celtics are an offensive power for a reason. I can see Doc showing the game film and the late rotations and miscommunications and guys like Avery Bradley and KG being sick. This should motivate this group and this means bad news for the Knicks offense.

The other issue is the Amare Stoudemire factor. Amare is returning and this means less touches for Carmelo Anthony and another guy to get in his way. The reason this team is winning is because they are Melo’s team and he is dominating the ball. Anthony is a Kobe Bryant like player that needs the ball all the time. I just do not see Amare not wanting touches. Sharing the ball will only throw off Melo’s game again. His return also means fewer shots for guys like Smith, Novak, and even Tyson Chandler. I expect their chemistry on the floor to take another swing for the worse.

The bottom line is the Knicks are playing well and got a nice win. However, they still play no defense as the fact they still gave up over a hundred to Boston. They will have chemistry issues soon and will be playing Chicago or Miami in round one. I would love to see them beat Miami, but the reality is they would be done in the next round anyway to Chicago or Boston. Sorry Knicks fans your team is just too flawed. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!