Boston Celtics Ray Allen Almost Traded: Thank God Ainge Did Not Pull Trigger

By Rob Nelson

The NBA trade deadline came and went. The Boston Celtics at the time were a struggling team that many predicted would be blown up as they were thought to be too old to win an NBA title. Celtics president Danny Ainge may have felt that way too because the rumors are quite loud that he nearly dealt Ray Allen to the Memphis Grizzlies for O.J. Mayo and a draft pick. My response to this rumor by Yahoo Sports is simple. THANK GOD this deal fell through.

I can understand Ainge’s line of thinking at the time. According to the report by Yahoo, Danny Ainge loves this upcoming NBA draft and wanted to stock pile some pieces. After dealing Allen, he could then justify dealing Paul Pierce for even more picks and thus blow this team up and have a lot of chips to rebuild. The problem with this line of thinking is ultimately what I believe sunk the Ray Allen deal.

The point of building is to get to the point where you have a chance to win an NBA title. The Boston Celtics right now are built to win an NBA title. They have a puncher’s chance against everyone including Miami and Chicago. They have a veteran core of Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen that has a title and another Finals appearance and great pieces like Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass, Greg Stiemsma, and Mickael Pietrus to help carry the load. Blowing the team up with a shot just makes no sense. There will always be chances for pieces and rebuilding, but there are fewer shots at an NBA title as the twenty year drought between 86 and 08 clearly show.

Some may argue that OJ. Mayo can bring to Boston what Ray brings. Those people are dead wrong. A big reason for that is their experience. Experience that Ray Allen brings over OJ Mayo as far as big shot capability. Ray had buried big shots in the Finals. I know that when the spotlight shines bright that Ray will calmly slit a team’s throat. Mayo cannot even prove he deserves a starting spot on a team that is begging for a shooter to help give them points.

The Boston Celtics rebounded from their post trade deadline doldrums and have proved they are a contender. The team is on a roll and Miami and Chicago both are making it clear they would prefer not see this Boston team come playoff time because they are a very tough out. This means Banner 18 is possible in Boston. This means the team is already built so never mind rebuilding. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!

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