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NBA Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks Playoff Update

A few days ago I wrote an article about “How Milwaukee Bucks Can Still Make the Playoffs,” and now we have a very important postseason update.

Milwaukee’s playoff hopes are still very much alive as they are beginning to move into the driver seat. Everyone has been so concerned about where the New York Knicks are in the standings, they forgot to concentrate on the Philadelphia 76ers. The Bucks still have to play the 76ers one more time this season which means they will have the opportunity to gain an entire game on them.

Currently, New York is two and a half games ahead of Milwaukee while Philadelphia is only one and a half games. The Knicks seem to be making their move at the right time which means the Bucks really have no shot at catching them. However, the 76ers still have to play the Indiana Pacers one more time before they travel to Milwaukee which means the Bucks could be playing for a chance to secure the eighth seed.

Milwaukee Bucks remaining schedule: at Washington, at Indiana, New Jersey, Toronto, Philadelphia, at Boston.

Philadelphia 76ers remaining schedule: at Cleveland, at Indiana, at New Jersey, at Milwaukee, at Detroit.

As you can see, the Bucks must defeat the Washington Wizards tonight to keep pace because there is a good chance the 76ers will beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. If Milwaukee loses any game between now and when they play Philadelphia, their playoff chances decrease dramatically. It is imperative they win out in order to not leave anything to chance.

The Bucks are capable of beating every team remaining on their schedule. As long as they have the will to fight they should be fine. Head coach Scott Skiles will have the team fired up, especially since there is a realistic shot at making the postseason.

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