NBA Charlotte Hornets

Tyrus Thomas Had Altercation With Coach Paul Silas Sunday

For those of you still waiting for Charlotte Bobcats forward Tyrus Thomas to become a star, you are still going to be waiting.  Per reports, Thomas was involved in a postgame shouting match with head coach Paul Silas on Sunday.  The verbal altercation led to the 68 year old Silas shoving the young forward.

The altercation was caused by Thomas acting too “buddy-buddy” with the Boston Celtics.  Silas was enraged that his forward was not taking the game seriously as they were getting destroyed.  Silas is a former Celtic and was not happy with his former team beating the ever living crap out of his current team.

Thomas came into the league as the number two overall pick to the Chicago Bulls in the 2006 NBA Draft.  He was supposed to be the next version of Kevin Garnett.  However, his basketball IQ is dangerously low.  By that, I mean it absolutely does not exist in any way shape or form.  As a Bulls fan, I was firmly on the Thomas bandwagon.  However, his love of jumpshots and stupid fouls overrode any smart play he made.

Thomas is now trapped in basketball hell and the Bulls got a valuable trade chip out of it.  Kind of softens the blow since the Bulls traded LaMarcus Aldridge to Portland for Thomas.  Not exactly one of the best moments in the front office of the Bulls.

I would have to imagine this would hurt Thomas’s chances of getting some playing time against his former team Wednesday night.  Coaches do not like arguing with players and since they control playing time, they normally win.