VIDEO: Taj Gibson Dunk On Gerald Henderson

By Riley Schmitt

Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls enjoys making posters.  This dunk on Charlotte Bobcats wing Gerald Henderson is just the latest in Gibson’s great plays.  The backup power forward is a key member of the Bulls bench and is coming in to his own as a viable NBA player.

That dunk looks just effortless.  Taj has gotten a lot better at making plays like that and it has helped him get a lot of key minutes for the Bulls.  Come playoff time, Gibson is going to be a key player for the Bulls and will see fourth quarter minutes for defensive purposes.  He provides a matchup nightmare for opponents due to his length and quickness.

If Gibson ever learns to knock down a consistent mid-range jumper, he will start for any team in the league.  He has okay post moves and is an awesome defender.  His jump shooting is subpar, however.  It comes and goes.  If he wants to be a starter, the jumper needs to stick around.  Without it, he will be limited to a bench player for the rest of his career.

The Bulls are trying to hold on to the number one overall seed in the league.  This would give them homecourt advantage throughout the entire playoffs.  Every game counts, especially with a big one Thursday night against the Miami Heat.  More plays like this from Gibson will certainly help them achieve their goals.  Even if they fall short, at least we have the highlight videos.


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