Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard to Have Season-Ending Surgery

By Vince Cunningham

ESPN’s Ric Bucher has just announced that Dwight Howard will undergo season ending back surgery.

This surgery will not only end Howard’s regular season, but the Magic’s playoff hopes as well. Without the big man, and the face of their franchise, Orlando stands no chance in the post-season. Bucher also stated that Howard will miss this summer’s Olympics as well.

While Dwight will obviously still garner plenty of attention in the Free Agent market this off-season, you have to believe that this upcoming procedure may cost him a few sheckles come negotiation time. This also coming just days after Howard’s prolonged destination contemplation was referred to as “worse then The Decision“.

With this news, you have to wonder whether Howard regrets dragging his own “decision” out for so long. Obviously there’s no way he could have seen this injury coming, but he has to be kicking himself slightly, knowing that there’s a good chance that he will not get his full market value now.

Regardless, Howard will still cash an enormous paycheck in the very near future. The real victim here is the Orlando Magic Organization. They have been teased and toyed with by their young star, and not only were they unable to secure a quality return for the begrudged big man, via trade, but now they will also fail to watch him perform in this highly anticipated post-season. For Orlando as a whole, it’s yet another case of, “so close and yet so far”.

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